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This or That Thursday: Islands

OK, I might have to rename this column to "This or That Thursday or Whatever Day Following Thursday When I'm Not Sick and We Don't Have Football." It doesn't have the same ring to it, but it might be more truthful. LOL.

The important point is that we want you to be part of our building prcess. We love your thoughtful input each week. Especially when building a spec home, rather than a home for a client, it's great to get public input on current trends and styles.

As the exterior of our Belle Cote spec home is getting buttoned up, our focus turns to the inside. The kitchen island hard surfaces can be hard to select with all of the myriad of options out there. From the more traditional granite and marble, to the potentially more economical butcher block, and the more contemporary look of concrete, deciding on a style that will appeal to the majority of homeowners while still putting our own design touch on the home is our goal.

So from the following three choices, which would you desire for your own kitchen? The first picture incorporates the idea of either a real stone or man-made hard surface like granite, quartz or marble. The second picture incorpurates a gorgeous wood butcher block-type island. Finally, the third shows a concrete hard surface for the island.

This or That:

Granite Wood Concrete

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