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This or That Thursday: More Kitchen Advice

When a friend invites you to spend the day with her at Magnolia Market in Waco on a Thursday, This or That Thursday gets bumped back to Friday. Can't blame me, right?

Our poll on This or That Thursday last week was 1) one combined range/oven unit or 2) separate stove tops and double ovens? 71% of you selected the single unit, although the comments on the separate setup were quite convincing too. We have a decision to make VERY soon for our Belle Cote project. While we debate that point, we'd love your input on the vent hoods as well.

Assuming the vent is the appropriate size for whatever range unit we decide on, the preferred look of the vent hood is totally subjective.

So what do you think? Unpainted metal, colored metal, wood to match the cabinets, wood in contrasing color, other??

With the top row being 1-3, next being 4-6 and third being 7-9, which of these vent hoods most appeals to you?


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