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This or That Thursday: Decisions Decisions

Last week I shared the poll results from our first 9 weeks of This or That Thursday. Today I'd like to share some of the decisions we have made for our Belle Cote project in Argyle. You'll be happy to know that there is a lot of overlap between what you selected and what will ultimately be installed in this home.


First up, the kitchen.

CABINETS: Demand is still high for the white shaker cabinets. This clean look is popular in remodels and high end builds. It's a nice neutral and the starkness of the white can be warmed up with a colored island, as shown in pic 1, and a painted vent hood, or a vent hood made of a completely different material. Flooring can also warm up a white-cabineted room.

COUNTERS: Unless a homebuyer chooses something different before we order, we will be using granite for the kitchen counters and bathroom vanities. Granite is tough to beat when it comes to durability, due to its heat- and scratch-resistant qualities. It can also be stain and water resistant when it's properly sealed. The choices for colors are endless. The island at Belle Cote will be similar in scale to pic 1 below and a beautiful granite slab will be a highlight of the kitchen.

RANGE/OVEN: Your opinions were varied, but equally strong on both sides of the debate on whether to install a single range/oven unit or to use multiple appliances. Most of you liked the look of the single unit, but many of you argued for the more practical set up of range and double ovens, especially those of you who do a lot of cooking. We've set the gas lines up to accommodate the multi-appliance option (as seen in pictures 1 and 3).

CEILING: Most of you selected the white trayed ceiling in pic 4 below. It was fun to watch this poll because although I loved all the options, the architect/builder (Derek) had already decided to do the kitchen ceiling this way. There will be less "squares" but the same effect. It's going to be a beautiful finish.

1 2

3 4


Warm bronze may come and go, but chrome will last forever. Most of you selected this time-honored choice and so have we, for the bathrooms. Did I mention I am a plumbing contractor's daughter? I love wandering around the plumbing showroom!

Speaking of having a heart for plumbing, here's a little sneak peek at the master bathroom tub! Can you see yourself in it??


Most of you selected black windows based on the various pictures I posted for you to choose from. We like the idea of black windows, for the exterior elevations, but we like white on the interior to compliment the cabinets and millwork. So what do you think of this compromise? Black (actually a dark bronze that appears black) on the outside and white on the inside. These dual finish windows were the perfect solution to obtain both the exterior and interior looks we were going for.

Every day I show up at the construction site I am pleasantly surprised to see another piece of the puzzle come together. Derek could envision what this home would look like in his mind's eye from the time he set foot on the lot. He preserved the trees and planned this home around them creating beautiful views from almost every window. As each new trade performs their work and the dots continue to be connected, I am more excited about the family who will ultimately live here and will make this home part of their story.

For more information on this home, check out the following: HOME FOR SALE

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