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The key to a successful building experience is establishing the builder's and the owner's expectations at the outset and continually revisiting these goals as the project progresses. To help our potential homeowners better understand the construction process, we have created the following list of building stages:

  1. Acquire land. We have connections to help you find real estate and/or obtain financing if you are looking to buy the land.

  2. Review architectural guidelines of the community and design home to meet the specific needs of your family, obtaining design review approval, as necessary. Our backgrounds in Architecture and Law will assist you in this process.

  3. Engage engineering and obtain permits.

  4. Grading, rough-in plumbing, foundation.

  5. Framing, rough-in electrical, mechanical and plumbing, install insulation.

  6. Sheetrock, trim, cabinets, initial paint.

  7. Hard surface installation including tile floors, counter tops, showers/baths.

  8. Light fixture, plumbing and hardware installation.

  9. Flooring (hardwood/carpet).

  10. Final paint.

  11. Appliance installation.

  12. Landscaping.

  13. Homeowner Certificate of Occupancy.

  14. Final punch list and warranty walk-thru.

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