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Let's uncover the latest Sherwin Williams paint colors for 2018!

When we share pictures of our home we get asked a lot about the paint selections we used. Derek's architecture background and many years in the paint industry have given him a unique insight into what is possible with paint and how color is a critical design element in every building..

Today we're sharing what Sherwin Williams has selected as their 2018 paint colors of the year. We really like how they group together into the types of "Influences" that describe your preferences. You'll see the tones are simple and clean and still capture the grays that are so popular right now.

And they've also announced their color of the year. Drumroll please......Oceanside! Having come from California and experiencing all the outdoor materials and textures in our community in Argyle, we think this color will bring the outside in for a fresh clean feeling every time you walk into your home or building.

We hope you've found this helpful! Connect with us to get started!

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