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This or That Thursday: Time to Look Up - Kitchen Ceiling Finishes

Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines have made shiplap a household name. As they've gone in to renovate old homes and found the shiplap in behind the sheetrock and restored it, they've created a whole new look. And creating the demand for the look has also created a demand for shiplap and an increase in its price. There are ways to get the shiplap look without actual shiplap. See the first pic in the gallery below, for example.

We are starting to focus inward on our Belle Core project and we've been toying with ceiling ideas for the kitchen. The gallery below includes are most likely choices.


Do you like any of these?

1. Dark beams with shiplap;

2. White beams with shiplap;

3. All wood;

4. Dark beams with flat white ceiling;

5. Trayed ceiling, trimmed out and finished white.

What other ideas would you prefer to see?

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