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This or That Thursday: Plumbing Power

I grew up in a plumbing family. The company my dad started, now owned and run by my brothers, celebrated 46 years in business this year. Plumbing was and is our family's livelihood. We may have just a few opinions and ideas about fixtures - manufacturers, colors, trends etc.

This week we spent time at the Ferguson showroom to select the plumbing fixtues for our Belle Cote prject in Argyle.

In our home that we built a year ago we selected brushed nickel throughout and oil-rubbed bronze in the kitchen. That was our personal preference but in trying to decide for an as-yet unknown client, we want to make a statement - that the majority of people will like.

Check out the pictures below.

1. Polished chrome has come back with a vengeance. Truthfully it never went away. It has really spanned the test of time.

2. Brushed nickel is subdued and classic.

3. Gold is really eye-catching. It pops against a white sink.

4. Polished nickel is new and and visual combination of gold and polished chrome.

Which do you have in your home? What would you do in a new house if you were building today?


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