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This or That Thursday: To Carpet or Not to Carpet?

Every home I have ever lived in has had carpet in the bedrooms. I always assumed that was the norm. However, as I explore the world of design I find it interesting how strongly some people feel about carpet.

Carpet in a bedroom provides warmth and noise absorption (especially on a second story room). It can make a bedroom feel cozier than a solid surface floor. The downside is it also can harbor dust and dirt and synthetic fibers can emit chemicals. Carpet can range from very expensive to very economical depending on the fibers, from natural to synthetic. Taste, traffic level and budget are all things to consider when selecting carpet.

Hardwood floors are beautiful and can add value to a home. They have been used for centuries and even despite shifts in trends, they never really go out of style. Hardwood can also age with a room, like a kids’ room for example, and it’s not likely to need to be replaced. Change the wall color, change the bedding, but the floor can remain the same and most any decorative style works with hardwood.

Unlike carpet that can be a challenge with allergens, with hardwood flooring the surface is smooth and solid, and all dust particles can easily be washed away.

One obvious way to get the benefit of both surfaces is by using an area rug. This can be especially welcome in colder climates where floors can feel chilly to bare feet. Area rugs can also accentuate your wood floors.

What do you have in your master bedroom? In a perfect, budget-free world what would be your flooring choice?



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