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Welcome to This or That Thursday

One aspect of building a spec home (i.e. building on speculation that there will be a buyer interested down the road, versus building for a specific client) that is exciting is making all the selections for the finishes for a potential unknown client. This mean exploring current design trends and balancing them with traditional and timeless design classics.

This week I am introducing a new weekly blog theme called This or That Thursday where I will share a couple of design ideas and ask you for your input. Which picture catches your eye? Which idea will stand the test of time? Which idea is a flash in the pan and will fizzle out quickly?

Our first This or That has to do with lighting fixtures. A year ago we selected lighting for our own kitchen. Although our plumbing fixtures and door hardware throughout the house are brushed nickle, we opted for oil-rubbed bronze plumbing and hardware in the kitchen. We also selected oil-rubbed bronze lighting fixtures throughout the house, inside and out.

What we are noticing a lot of on HGTV, design magazines and show rooms is a trend toward gold! The color names vary from warm brass to capital gold to aged brass but the idea is more of an old school brass color, but in a brushed finish. We are undecided on how we feel about it. Do you think this is an idea that will last? -


Oil-Rubbed Bronze Pendant Lights


Warm Brass Pendant Lights

Share your thoughts!

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