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A Solid Foundation

From blueprints to permits, there's a lot that goes into building a house long before the dirt is ever moved. Although Derek loves the design stages and spends hours pouring over the best ideas for a house on its specific lot, it's when the dirt is finally stirred up that he gets excited. From his early childhood on construction projects with his dad, all he has ever wanted to do is build homes so every day a new project gets underway is a good day.

This week the surveyor came back out to the Belle Cote lot to stake out the house. And then the Earth movers began their work. Because the lot is fairly flat, it didn't take much to prepare the pad. On Monday morning the foundation will be framed and both the plumber and electrician will be out next week to install their underground work before the concrete is poured.

Looking forward to an exciting week to come!

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