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Can You Ever Have Too Many Throw Pillows?

Derek and I may disagree on this one.

I came home yesterday with several new pillows and he wondered (out loud), "Don't we already have enough?" We had pillows, but they were a quick purchase when we first had our sofa delivered, just to add some color. I was waiting until I saw what I wanted.

Last week a pillow in the window at Pier One Imports caught my eye. I wasn't surprised at all when I went inside and discovered the pillow was from the Magnolia line. The colors and textures were perfect. But it was much more than I wanted to spend for a single throw pillow (or three).

Yesterday I picked up a half dozen pillows on clearance at Target that ended up costing me less than the one pillow I coveted at Pier One. I love the combination of grays and ivories and various textures. And at these prices, I won't feel guilty if I decide to change them again as the season, or my mood, changes.

What do you think of the outcome?

For more on ideas for throw pillows, check out this article from Houzz.

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